How Do I Transport My Items to the Superstore Self Storage Facility?

transporting items to the Superstore Self Storage facility

There are many reasons why you’ll need to store your belongings in a self storage facility including moving to a new home, having renovation work done in your property, downsizing, decluttering, moving abroad, and storing unused furniture.

When you’ve finished the hard work and packed all your items into boxes and bags, how do you approach transporting them to your storage unit? At SUPERSTORE Self Storage, you’ll have a few options to choose from. Whether you prefer to transport the items yourself or take advantage of our collection and delivery service, our goal is to make your transition smooth and hassle-free.

Here are some helpful tips for transporting your items to the SUPERSTORE Self Storage facility.

Consider splitting your trips to the storage facility

Whether you’re limited on car space, busy with work schedules, or you have too many belongings to transfer, it’s often better to make multiple trips to the self storage facility instead of transporting everything in a single journey.

Use the correct packaging to transport & store your belongings

Using the right packaging materials will reduce the likelihood of unwanted damage during transit and storage, so don’t skimp on quality materials and take your time packing your boxes properly.

If you are going to be stacking boxes in the storage unit, they need to be good quality, sturdy boxes for stability, otherwise boxes at the bottom could bow under the weight of the boxes on top of them potentially causing damage to the contents.Continue reading

What Sized Storage Unit Do I Need?

Self-storage moving containers Leicester

In general, your needed storage size depends entirely on what you’re planning to store and how much stuff there is. But estimating this by looking at your entire inventory can be difficult and can cause inaccuracies when trying to determine the best size before renting a storage unit.

Most units are listed in vague terms like small, medium and large units with square feet measurements provided, but it’s hard to visualise if your items can fit there practically. Different furniture shapes and boxed items can overcompensate on the unit size, so to help gain a clear idea on which unit size to pick, Store U created a convenient size guide to break down multiple unit sizes and determine how much you can fit in.

Read on below to know more and use our interactive storage space calculator on our website to help guide you.

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Business Self-Storage Option

Space and storage will always come at a premium price that’s why our self-storage options at Store U provide our customers with affordable, high-security, and first-rate business storage. By choosing our service, you can store your documents, office supplies, furniture, and equipment in a highly monitored place off-site for short or long durations.

Our different-sized units range between 13-square feet to 150 square feet, and various services offered include 24-hour self-storage rooms, container storage, wooden containers, and much more. With our flexible agreements and long-term rental discounts, Store U is the ideal solution to your business storage needs.

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Preparing your furniture for storage

furniture and storage boxes

Whether your items are in storage for a few days, weeks, or months, you will need to take steps to prevent damage and decline. To help you with this we have broken this down into an easy to follow two-step process to help keep your storage stress free.

The deep clean

  • Focus on removing dust from furniture surfaces by wiping them with a soft, dry cloth, and polishing metal parts of your furniture.

  • Wooden furniture requires an application of an appropriate cleaning product to surfaces before wiping them down with a damp cloth. After this, the wood needs to be “sealed” by adding a coat of furniture polish to avoid the wood drying out.

  • Leather upholstery needs a more thorough clean with a vacuum, followed by the application of a suitable leather cleaner. The cleaner will need to be left to develop (depending on the products instructions), before being wiped down with a clean, dry cloth. To finish this process, apply a leather protecting spray/cream to keep the upholstery in prime condition.

  • Regardless of the material, all furniture needs to be completely dry before you begin packing it for storage. Any damp areas can lead to mould over time, and nobody wants that!

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5 Great Examples of Businesses That Use Self Storage

charity shop

When most people think of self storage solutions, they think of something used by individuals. They probably envision a place for people to store their goods if they are between houses, or studying away from home, or possibly holding onto possessions following the passing of a loved one.

However, this is often not the case. Here at Superstore Self Storage, we have been providing storage in Leicester for a long time, and we’ve seen all kinds of small businesses make use of our top-end facilities for running their business.

Here are just some of the enterprises that have turned a self-storage contract with us into a valuable business asset:

Online sellers

Whether you run your business through eBay, Etsy, or your own e-commerce website, you need somewhere to keep all your stock. A self-storage unit is the ideal place. Not only does it free up room in your house or garage (or wherever you were originally keeping your merchandise), but you can be sure that you stock is safe and secure.

Market stall holders

You might not be an online retailer, but rather a market trader. You still need somewhere you can rely upon to store your stock overnight. With our self storage units, you have 24/7 access to your own storage bay, meaning you can pick up and drop off whenever you like – even if that means the wee hours of the morning so you can get you stall set up in time.

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Top Tips on Relocating Your Office Efficiently

Woman organising an office move

Moving offices can be a daunting experience at the best of times and even more so with the current COVID-19 pandemic acting as a backdrop. Extra precautions need to be taken to ensure the safety of your staff as well as any third party companies assisting you with the move.

At Superstore Self Storage in Leicester, we have plenty of experience with both storage and removals. Here some of the best hints and tips for managing an efficient office move in the current environment…

Hire a reliable removals firm

When choosing a removals firm during the pandemic, be sure to pick one with an updated coronavirus contingency plan. This demonstrates that they are committed to the safety of you and your employees. You may even wish to discuss tailoring their service to meet any specific needs your staff might have.

Woman wearing face maskInvest in a deep clean

Coronavirus deep clean services are an essential investment for any business contemplating a move during a pandemic. Steam cleaning will eradicate any bacteria from the building surfaces, whilst chemical fogging with eliminate any infectious microbes in the air.Continue reading

How to Move House Like a Pro

Moving House

Moving house can be stressful, we all know this. However, it doesn’t need to be. Here at Superstore Self Storage in Leicester, many of our customers make use of us during the moving process, so we’ve put together the following hints and tips to help you move house like a pro.

Hire a packing company

Packing up your personal belongings can be a nightmare. Not only is it always more work than you first expect, it can be emotionally draining as well as physically. A professional packing company solves both problems. First, they can handle the physical side of things with ease, much faster than you will. They will wrap and pack your delicate items, so you know everything is safe.

Use a storage company

Here at Superstore Self Storage we help hundreds of customers by acting as a halfway house for their belongings. It makes your move easier in several ways. You can get away with hiring a single van, rather than booking a removal firm with a lorry. You can redecorate or renovate your new home without your other possessions getting in the way. Also, with a little distance from your belongings you may find that they’re not as essential as you thought. Maybe a post-move declutter is in order?Continue reading

Who uses self storage?

store owner

As the top provider of self storage in Leicester, we get calls every week from potential customers asking whether a self storage unit is right for them.

The fact is, self storage solutions are suitable for almost any situation where you need to free up space. Here are a few examples:

Retail & Online sellers

If you sell products, finding yourself with overstock can be a problem. A self-storage unit is the perfect solution for anybody needing to free up space while trying to secure a sale.

Additionally, if you sell items online, you may not have space at home to store them. A unit provides secure, out of the way storage and daily opening allows for easy access when you need to get the orders shipped.


Whether taking a gap year or simply looking for somewhere to store belongings over the summer months, many students choose to take advantage of our favourable student storage rates.


antique furniture

Occasionally you might receive furniture or other large objects by way of an inheritance. You may not have room in your own house, but a loathe to get rid of it for sentimental reasons. Why not keep it in storage, where it will be safe and secure until you think of a more long-term solution?Continue reading

Preparing your home for a viewing

How to Prepare your Home for Viewing

Not so long ago, the housing market was sufficiently vibrant that all it took for prospective buyers to offer you the full asking price was to pop a ‘For Sale’ sign in the front garden. These days – that’s just not going to happen. Potential purchasers are likely to want at least one, and possibly multiple, viewings of your home before they make up their mind, and you want to make the best impression.

Here are a few ways to prepare your home for a viewing.

Get rid of the clutter

We’re not suggesting you strip everything down to the bare boards: keep enough stuff for your house to look lived in, but put the rest into a self-storage facility.

Nooks, crannies, cupboards and closets

There’s a reason we mentioned a storage facility above. While you might prefer to stuff everything into wardrobes, cubby-holes, or that cupboard under the stairs, buyers will want to see that available space, so keep them free of obstruction, and looking as large as possible.Continue reading

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Tips to Get the Most out of your Self Storage Unit

With so many people choosing to downsize or share properties, self storage has become an ever more popular solution to the problem of where to put all those personal belongings there’s no longer room for at home.

As the foremost providers of quality self storage in Leicester, we have put together these useful tips on how to make the most out of your self storage.

How to pack a self storage unit

It’s always worth taking the time – assuming you can – to pack up your belongings properly prior to storage. You may think that loading everything into some heavy duty bin-liners and second-hand cardboard boxes donated by a friend will be good enough, but you’d be wrong. Cardboard boxes are rarely strong enough to stack more than a couple high and even the thickest black bags have a tendency to rip, tear, or fall over. Instead, invest in some lidded, stackable plastic containers from your local hardware shop. Roomy, waterproof, and versatile, they help you maximise the space in your storage unit.Continue reading