Why You Need Vehicle Storage in Leicester

There are numerous reasons why you would want your vehicle safely stored away. After your home, your vehicle is generally your most valuable asset, all assets need protection. Vehicle storage could simply save you thousands in the long run, there are some key reasons why you may need storage:

1.The elements

Keeping your car outside can damage it for a number of reasons, not only do you have rain or hail constantly falling down upon it but during storms, it can be scratched and damaged by trees and branches. If you want to keep up the value of your vehicle and avoid costly repairs, then it’s best to keep it inside. We can also store caravans and trailers on our premises outdoors, which helps keep them out of harm’s way.


All vehicles, especially expensive ones, are always a target for theft or vandalism. It could be jealousy or a criminal hoping to make some quick money, but your vehicle is always under threat. If it’s not used every day, then there is little sense in keeping it as a target for criminals. The sensible thing would be to lock it away and keep it out of sight. At SUPERSTORE Self Storage we have also stored many classic cars and you can be assured they will be safe with us.

3.Peace of mind

It could be the case that you are going on holiday or visiting family members and will have no use for your car for a prolonged period. Everyone has had that fear when you return to your home, checking if everything is alright, your vehicle is still there and you’ve not been broken into. Storing your prized asset will give you that peace of mind knowing that one of your most valued possessions is safe and secure.

Storing your car, caravan or trailer makes sense for a vast number of reasons; at SUPERSTORE Self Storage we provide affordable solutions for when you need that security. We have alarms, monitors and CCTV so you know it will be secure.

If you need secure vehicle storage in Leicester, give us a call today on 0116 239 3000 and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free quotation.

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